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How Consumers choose air purifiers

- Dec 15, 2017 -

1, to select specifically for the removal of formaldehyde and the development of air purifiers. Although most air purifiers on the market will have the function of removing formaldehyde, the targeted air purifier will be more effective.

2, check the Air Purifier test report. Because the test report has a variety of harmful substances detection, want to select to remove the best function of formaldehyde, we must look at the removal of formaldehyde this item, through observation and comparison of the ability to remove formaldehyde evaluation data to carry out basic judgments.

3, pay attention to the purification capacity and efficiency of air purifier. The ability to purify the air and the efficiency of the determination of the ability to remove formaldehyde, large space, only the choice of purification capacity and more efficient air purifier to achieve the removal of formaldehyde effect.

4, Brand and Word-of-mouth is very important. Now the air purifier market many brands, advertised the function is also very much, consumers easily in this one of the eye, the trap. So when choosing an air purifier, must choose brand, good reputation manufacturers, so as to have the basic quality assurance, in particular, Austrian air purifier and the new wind system, professional to do the air purifier manufacturers, not only in the domestic famous, in the United States and Japan is the largest sales of air purifier brand.

5, high-quality service manufacturers. Because the removal of formaldehyde air purifiers often need to replace the filter, which requires after-sales service must do a good job, the quality of service manufacturers can help consumers timely replacement of the filter, for the consumer's air quality escort.

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