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Does your home air purifier work

- Dec 07, 2017 -

In recent years, with the continuous outbreak of air pollution problem in China, people pay more attention to their living environment and health problems. Air purifiers are also increasingly popular for frequent air pollution incidents. However, whether the air purifier sold on the market meets the national quality standards, can it achieve its nominal purifying effect?

In order to let consumers feel the advantages and disadvantages of air purifiers, the Air Purifier Supervision Department will carry out a one-month air purifier consumption experience activities. Activities in the early collection of media representatives and consumer volunteers to represent dozens of, and the newspaper by the consumer determined to test the air Purifier brand, and finally through the network and physical stores purchased 20 groups of air purifier samples for comparison test. From the Xiamen entity market to collect 9 batches, from the network to collect 11 batches of electricity, covering the mainstream stores in Xiamen, network sales of the first-line air purifier brands, including, Austria, air purifiers, fresh air system, car air purifier, millet and so on.

According to the market price of air purifier, the air purifier price is roughly divided into 1000 yuan, 2000~3000 yuan, 3000~4000 yuan, 9000 yuan above four price range, each price range to choose domestic brands, foreign brands each, as far as possible to make the results representative. This activity takes clean air quantity (CADR) as the core performance index, taking into account the energy efficiency ratio, noise and other parameters, at the same time, combined with the consumption hotspot, some brands of air purifier in addition to formaldehyde, in addition to TVOC (toluene), bacteria and other properties to detect, revealing the difference between the performance The event invited the media and consumer representatives to observe the part of the experiment at the lab site.

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