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Composition of air purifier

- Oct 20, 2017 -

Composition of air purifier

The main components of the air purifier are: enclosure shell, filter section, air duct design, motor, power supply, LCD display, etc.

The removal technology of particulate matter in purifier includes mechanical filtration, adsorption, electrostatic precipitator, negative ion and plasma method and static electret filtration.

Mechanical filtration mainly through the following 3 ways: direct interception, inertial particles collision, Brown diffusion mechanism, the fine particle collection effect is good but the wind resistance, in order to obtain high purification efficiency, the filter needs dense and regular replacement.

Adsorption is the use of large surface area of materials and porous structure to capture particles of pollutants, it is easy to plug, for gas pollutants removal effect is more significant;

Electrostatic precipitator is the use of high voltage electrostatic field ionizes the gas so that the charged dust particles adsorbed to the dust collecting electrode method, the wind resistance is small but for larger particles and fibers capture effect is poor, will cause the discharge, and the trouble of cleaning time, easy to produce ozone, the formation of two pollution.

The working principle of the removal of indoor particulate pollutants and negative ion plasma method are similar, by making the particles charged in the air, the formation of large particle coalescence and sedimentation of particles, but did not actually remove the surface is attached to the nearby, easily lead to dust again.

Electrostatic electret 3M efficient electrostatic air filter for the breakthrough with permanent electrostatic filter, effectively blocking the air pollutant particles larger than 0.1 microns, such as dust, dander, pollen, bacteria, air conditioning and refrigeration effect and ensure the stable operation of ultra low impedance. In addition, the depth dust design ensures longer service life. It has been widely used in home and automotive air conditioning (such as SAIC, Volkswagen, GM and other well-known brands), as well as some commercial building areas (such as bird's nest, Beijing Hotel, capital airport three).

The traditional standard filter media can effectively remove particles more than 10 microns. When the particle size is in the range of 5 microns, 2 microns or even submicron, the efficient mechanical filtration system becomes more expensive, and the wind resistance will increase significantly. The electrostatic electret air filter material filter, can achieve high capture efficiency with low energy consumption, while both the advantages of electrostatic precipitator with low wind resistance, no external voltage but thousands of volts, does not produce ozone, and the composition of polypropylene material, easy disposal.

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