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- May 24, 2017 -

The betamethasone compounds are often used in plants as alcohols, ketone, lactone and so on in the form of volatile oil, with strong aroma and biological activity, can be effective in the air particulate matter, bacteria, such as digestion, with sterilization, remove odor, increase the air oxygen content, keep the air fresh and so on. The plant itself has a certain odor to remain in the air, and once the oxidation process is complete the odor disappears quickly. And unlike other plant oils. The effective ingredient of terpene small molecule at the same time, the aldehyde, benzene, ether type of harmful pollutant quality surrounded, oxidation, decomposition, removal or harmless, and increase the amount of effective oxygen in the air, the human body's respiratory function has significantly improved, in Asia developed countries, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, has pioneered the use of the technology for cities, homes, automotive air purification treatment. With the increasing frequency of communication between Hong Kong and Macao, the technology has also entered mainland China.

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