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Automobile air bacterial contamination seriously impairs the normal development of children's intelligence

- Feb 02, 2018 -

Dirty car environment can damage the normal development of children's intelligence? This proposition seems alarmist, but it has been validated by scientists! Originally, the Contaminated car air contains a variety of deadly bacteria, these bacteria through the respiratory tract, the middle ear, skin infections or other means of invasion of the meninges, light causes the children's mental disorders, heavy directly lead to child death! The subject should be a serious concern for home users today, as car ownership continues to climb.

Where does the airborne bacteria come from?

Using new molecular techniques to study human skin, American microbiologist found that there were 182 species of bacteria living on human skin, some of them temporary aliens, while others camped on the skin and lived longer. These bacteria unknowingly will be in the body into the car.

Another key source is car air-conditioning. In the car air-conditioning system in the condenser part, due to the humid environment, it is easy to breed a variety of bacteria. Through the car's air-conditioning cycle, the bacteria will be dispersed to the car in every corner. Air conditioner Outlet, condenser, instrument panel, steering wheel, door handle, carpet, cushion, gear lever, central console ... It's everywhere, and we're surrounded by this swarm of microbes!

Not long ago, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Department of Physical and Chemical Environment Analysis Research Center conducted a survey. The agency in the detection process selected 50 models of the market, driving range from 10000km to 270000km, for its air quality test in the car, and finally released a very authoritative "domestic automotive air quality report." The results show that the air health condition in the car is very not optimistic. Among them, the air inside the car and indoor air quality standards are more than average 30%, the colony total and indoor Environmental quality evaluation standard 1-level reference comparison average exceeding 77.65%, and Singapore indoor air quality standards compared with the average of 255.3%. Over the same term, human health is unknowingly affected by immeasurable harm.

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