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Airdow has been imitated, never surpassed

- Nov 30, 2017 -

"has been imitated, never surpassed", Coca-Cola has been born for 128 years, every day to verify the truth of the existence of this sentence. Even if Pepsi-Cola to "Goson" posture to catch up, but when people casually say "give me a cup of cola", subconsciously it must be Coca-Cola. There is no doubt that Coca-Cola has created an insurmountable legend, a brand that has become synonymous with the industry. In the 18 years since the advent of the Austrian air purifier, an aura of industry leaders has also been seen in some ways.

Open the airdow history, is completely a Chinese air purification technology development history, from 1997 since the establishment of the company, and constantly leading China's air purification products of technological innovation: China's first oxygen bar/China's first car oxygen bar/China's first use of multi-level purification filtration technology air purifier China's first Solar air purifier/Global First Intelligent Solar Air purifier/vehicle Air Purifier China market share first/Air purifier Export Volume national first/China Automotive Air Purifier Industry first brand/The world's first ultra-thin electrostatic "fresh air system", for 18 years, The company's products have been upgraded to the third generation, the enterprise has become the air purifier industry benchmark, although a large number of products have been in the industry to imitate the enterprise, but has never been surpassed.

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