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Air Purifier Common Sense

- Feb 01, 2018 -

Air purifier is a new type of household appliances, it has the function of automatic detection of smoke, filtering dust, eliminating peculiar smell and harmful gas, double sterilization and so on. Air purifier is usually composed of high voltage generating circuit, negative ion generator, breeze fan and air filter system.

There are mainly the following three types: First, the adsorption-type filter: The use of porous filter materials, such as non-woven, filter paper, fiber, foam, etc. (the current adsorption capacity of the most powerful filter for HEPA high-density airfilter), adsorption of airborne particles, harmful gases, thereby purifying the air: The second is electrostatic dust collection type: Through corona discharge so that the air pollutants charged, using dust collection device to collect charged particles, to achieve the purpose of purifying the air; In principle, three kinds of air purification methods for indoor air has a certain ability to purify.


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