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Air conditioning room bacteria more, air purifier problem solving

- Jan 30, 2018 -

Summer heat unbearable, small time always have a cattail accompany me, grew up a little time, there is an electric fan, at that time feel the fan has been very satisfied, cool wind bursts, feel very magical. Then there is the air-conditioning, air-conditioning refrigeration effect than I said in this, summer often accompanies us is its cold wind. But the market opens the air conditioner to have certain influence to the body, this is we often said the air-conditioning sickness.

Air conditioning needs our regular cleaning, because when the air conditioning, doors and windows are closed, in the case of ventilation, coupled with air-conditioning for a long time not clean, will breed a lot of bacteria, have you ever thought you were surrounded by a lot of harmful bacteria? Then you need air purifier, air purifier can effectively remove bacteria, odor and other harmful gases, if your home is a new house decoration, then more need air purifier.

Air purifier from the working principle is divided into three categories, the first category is passive purification (filter), the second category is active purification (no filter type), the third category is double purification (active purification + passive purification). At present, the third type is more popular.


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