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ADA3156 high efficient fresh air system

- Jan 04, 2018 -

ADA3156 high efficient fresh air system

ADA3156 high efficient fresh air system with innovative design, the use of LED large color display, real-time monitoring shows PM2.5, TVOC (volatile organic compounds), temperature, humidity, 90 days consumable replacement timing and other full digital display. In addition to the general fresh air and energy recovery function, the new air system there are also efficient removal of PM2.5, removal of volatile organic compounds and the killing of a variety of harmful bacteria caught in the function, the product through the system of the wind blower in the indoor air out of the fresh, and through the wind blower will be outdoor fresh air through the filter dust , sterilization, odor, and so on a series of filtration and heat exchanger for energy exchange, so that the air into the room is clean, but also effectively control the external temperature of the indoor air temperature effects. The whole structure is compact and easy to install

1. Filtration System

Product design Multi-unit four nuclear filtration system:

First Core: Primary filter: Can filter larger volume of particulate matter, such as mosquitoes, flies, etc.

Second core: TVOC filtration module: By molecular sieve, catalytic carbon, activated carbon composition, can effectively remove all kinds of volatile organic compounds, such as ﹑ ethylene methanol, ammonia and other harmful gases;

The third core: high-frequency Plasma Electrostatic filtration technology: To capture small to 0.01um or more airborne particles and suspended bacteria, the use of high-frequency high pressure can quickly kill all kinds of harmful bacteria, such as white Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, etc.

IV Core: Efficient HEPA filter: the filtration efficiency of ≥0.3μm particulate matter is over 99.97%.

2, heat EXCHANGER module:

ADA3156 high efficient fresh air system heat exchange core (heat exchange module) is a good thermal conductivity of the nano-membrane materials produced by the light, high exchange efficiency, the use of a long time, do not produce condensed water and so on.

3, Product specifications

The product specifications shown in this specification do not contain general manufacturing tolerances, so the actual product may not be exactly the same as the specifications listed. This product is determined under a strictly controlled standard environment, and if the environmental conditions change, there will be slight differences in performance.


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