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ADA Air Purifier design features

- Feb 24, 2018 -

Indoor air purificationsystem can be divided into horizontal laminar flow, vertical laminar flow and turbulence. Select the Airflow form a reference convention, and the second depends on the working parameters of the room.

2. Cleanliness and the number of ventilation

The cleanliness of the room depends on the number of times per unit time, so careful consideration of the nature of the room, as well as the production process requirements, and then decided to purify the system's technical parameters.

3. Structure

In order to ensure that the airflow is almost undisturbed, structural design must be carried out, and the necessary caution can prevent the accumulation of dust anywhere in the room.

4. Design scheme

To determine the design, the nature of the work of the room and the airflow conditions therein must be carefully considered. Large dust Production workshop is not suitable for the use of ground air supply, cleanliness requirements of the workshop should be as far away as possible from other workshops.

5. Material

As a clean room roof, wall and floor materials must be not broken, not easy to touch particles, and almost dust material, in addition, according to the different working conditions of the room, we must also consider the chemical properties of the material is stable.

6. Pressure and airflow

In order to ensure cleanliness of the room, it is necessary to prevent outside pollution airflow into the room, to achieve this purpose, the rooms must maintain positive pressure. In order to obtain the required room pressure, proper fresh air must be added.

7. Auxiliary equipment

If necessary, some auxiliary equipment should be put in place: such as air indicator of the new air inlet, transmission window on partition. These devices must be adapted to the requirements of the room and must really understand their function.

8. Control of persons and objects

People and things are the main source of dust in the cleanroom, so it must be fully controlled, for example: Before entering the purification room, all people have to go through the net human system, replace the dust-free clothes, and accept the basic education of purifying system function.

9. Water supply and drainage equipment and power supplies

According to the workshop to be run, provide the necessary water supply and drainage device, air blower device and power source, these devices and the equipment involved must be easy to use and design, and should not have the air purification system.

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