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PM2.5 Smart Air Purifier Cleaner

PM2.5 Smart Air Purifier Cleaner

360°air purification · 3-stage wind set true HEPA filter with 99.97%...

Product Details

PM2.5 Smart Air Purifier Cleaner

Features of HEPA Air Purifier for Home PM2.5 Digital Indication

  • 360°air purification, 3-stage wind set, true HEPA filter with 99.97%, 10 million negative ion concentration 

  • Through air purification, 3-stage speed set, true HEPA filter, large amount ion concentration

  • AQI function adds more convenience to your smart home living. 

  • Modern design with LED screen and touch control panel

  • Efficient in killing particles, allergens, viruses, Vocs, absorbing pet dander, pollens, smoke, toxic fumes and foul odor. 

  • We offer first-class customer service.

  • Customer inquiries related to products or prices will be replied in 24 hours

  • Well-trained staff to answer all your questions in fluent English

  • OEM/ODM service offered

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ADA Purification technology:

  • 1st generation technologies: Negative Ion, Ozone, HEPA, Active carbon filter, invented Chinese Herbal Filter.

  • 2nd generation technology: Photo-catalyst Oxidation (UV+ TiO2 )

  • Latest generation technology: PLASMA.

  • European invented ESP module (Electrostatic Precipitator).


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