Home Air Purifier

Home Air Purifier is a professional household PM2.5 air purifier, so it can effectively purify the air. It has a digital backlit LCD display to accurately display PM2.5, temperature, humidity and negative ion concentration to make you your room. The air inside has an accurate understanding. Its air quality indicator (PM2.5) provides visible color changes (red, yellow, green) to indicate the level of air quality detected by particle sensor technology. It has a filter replacement indicator so you can use the 90-day countdown timer to let you know when you need to replace the filter.
It has 4 levels of filtering. Pre-filters, true HEPA filters, activated carbon filters and negative ion generators effectively eliminate contaminants. It operates in a very flexible way. It can be operated automatically or manually. In automatic mode, the sensor detects air quality and automatically adjusts the air flow rate. Welcome to buy our home air purifier. As one of the leading and professional air purifier manufacturers in China, we're providing online shopping for the best quality and durable home air purifier with competitive price. OEM and ODM service is also available.
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