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UV-C Air Purifier

UV-C Air Purifier

UV-C Air Purifier
Tower shape design
Powerful five-stage filtration technology
Additional fragrance dispenser create a purified and pleasant home environment.
Absolutely exceptional design

Product Details

UV-C Air Purifier

· The powerful five-stage filtration technology and the additional fragrance dispenser create a purified and pleasant home environment.

· The tower shape design of this UV-C air purifier is very artistic and a decoration in room.

· Compact structure allows to apply different advanced air purification technologies.

· The tailor-made centrifugal fan brings quiet breeze of purified air.

· Two air outlets provide more airflow in a balanced way to the whole space.

Why choose us?

  • We aim not only air purifier manufacturer, but also expert.

  • We offer customized solution based on different environmental pollution.

  • Fit for people who has asthma, allergic rhinitis,  pollen allergy or dust mite allergy


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