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Home Ventilation Systems

Home Ventilation Systems

Home Ventilation Systems
Purify air with 95% cleaning efficiency.
No replacement cost of filter, save a lot of money.
Energy Recovery: to retain the energy of output air in the exchanger and inject fresh air to keep the consistent room...

Product Details

Home Ventilation System

· Air purification:This home ventilation system applies electrostatic precipitator to purify air with 95% cleaning efficiency.

· Home Ventilation System Just clean the filter instead of changing it, save a lot of money.

· Home Ventilation System Energy Recovery: introduce new fresh air from outdoor while keeping it consistent with room temperature.

· The heat exchange rate of our ventilation system is not less than 75%, much more energy saving, environmental friendly.

· Home Ventilation System Ultra-low noise level:work efficiently with lower noise.

· Home Ventilation System Easy installation:Convenient and safe to use.

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