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  • Ionizer For Car

    Ionizer For Car

    Powerful purifying technologies: Active carbon filter/UV lamp/TiO2 filter/Negative ions.
    Solar Energy and Storage Battery: supply power and save for use at nights and on rainy days.

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  • Car Air Purifier

    Car Air Purifier

    Eliminates all air pollutants in the air
    Negative ion generator releases the high-density negative more than 1.5 million per cubic meter
    Two speed control with low and high for easy...

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  • Ozone Air Purifier

    Ozone Air Purifier

    Portable design ideal for gift/premium market.
    Negative ion generator releases high-density negative ions to remove particles such as dust, smoke, etc.
    HEPA and active carbon filter...

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  • Water Air Purifier

    Water Air Purifier

    6 step air purification: Pre-filter, HEPA, Activated carbon filter, UV light, TiO2 filter, Negative Ion.
    Absorbs large-size particulates, and help to prolong the life of inner filters

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  • Air Cleaner

    Air Cleaner

    PM2.5 digital reading, as well as temperature, humidity and Negative Ion concn.
    Dust sensor detect the particles and indicate the air quality in three color change (red, yellow, green)

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  • Hepa Air Purifier

    Hepa Air Purifier

    Thickened HEPA provide higher CADR (clean air delivery rate)
    Negative Ion supply fresh air like in the forest
    three speed setting and three timer setting
    Effective Area: 160-215...

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  • Air Purifier Ionizer

    Air Purifier Ionizer

    Air purifier ionizer suitable for baby use or small rooms.
    Portable and space saving.
    Different color options allowa more marketing possibility.
    Whisper operation: care your...

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  • Best Air Purifier

    Best Air Purifier

    Digital LED display, accurately indicating PM2.5, temperature, humidity and Negative Ion concn.
    Air quality indicator (PM2.5) provides visible color change (red, yellow, green)

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  • Air Purifier Reviews

    Air Purifier Reviews

    Multifiltration system kills allergies, odors, pollens at home.
    UV + TiO2 features a Photocatalyst Oxidation effect
    killing most germ, bacteria, mold spores and effectively eliminating...

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