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  • Ionizer For Car

    Ionizer For Car

    Ionizer for Car: · Powerful purifying technologies: Active carbon filter/UV lamp/TiO2 filter/Negative ions. · Solar Energy and Storage Battery: supply power and save for use at nights and on rainy...

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  • Car Air Purifier

    Car Air Purifier

    Car Air Purifier Features: High efficiency plasma plus TiO2 module eliminates all air pollutants in the air. Negative ion generator releases the high-density negative more than 1.5 million per...

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  • Ozone Air Purifier

    Ozone Air Purifier

    Features · Portable design ideal for gift/premium market. · Negative ion generator releases high-density negative ions to remove particles such as dust, smoke, etc. · HEPA and active carbon filter...

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  • Water Air Purifier

    Water Air Purifier

    ADA Home Air Purifier Features: 6 step air purification: Pre-filter, HEPA, Activated carbon filter, UV light, TiO2 filter, Negative Ion. Pre-filter: absorbs large-size particulates, and help to...

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  • Air Cleaner

    Air Cleaner

    Features · PM2.5 digital reading, as well as temperature, humidity and Negative Ion concn. · Dust sensor detect the particles and indicate the air quality in three color change (red, yellow,...

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  • Hepa Air Purifier

    Hepa Air Purifier

    Features Thickened HEPA provide higher CADR (clean air delivery rate). Negative Ion Generator release more than 1.5*106ions/cc. three speed setting and three timer setting. Effective Area: 160-215...

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  • Air Purifier Ionizer

    Air Purifier Ionizer

    Features · Air purifier ionizer suitable for baby use or small rooms. · Portable and space saving. · Different color options allowa more marketing possibility. · Whisper operation: care your...

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  • Best Air Purifier

    Best Air Purifier

    Best Air Purifier Features · Digital LED display, accurately indicating PM2.5, temperature, humidity and Negative Ion concn. · Air quality indicator (PM2.5) provides visible color change (red,...

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  • Air Purifier Reviews

    Air Purifier Reviews

    Air Purifier Reviews · Multifiltration system kills allergies, odors, pollens at home. · UV + TiO2 features a Photocatalyst Oxidation effect, killing most germ, bacteria, mold spores and...

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