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Why Use The Air Purifier

- Dec 13, 2017 -

Air purifier penetration rate in Europe and the United States is very high, even we know that these air purifiers belong to the country is the blue sky countries, there is no haze problem, then why do they have so many people use air purifier? Where is the demand? Now, why do we use air purifiers?

Reason one: Formaldehyde

In China, in fact, the first user to understand the air purifier, not haze, is formaldehyde. Due to the "no clearance" of the decoration materials, formaldehyde is the biggest culprit in indoor pollution, which is also endemic to China's domestic pollution problem. Formaldehyde raw materials will be included in the wardrobe, flooring, paint, and is a long-term volatile process, at the same time formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful pollutants are also high pollutants, "acute leukemia" incidence due to the family has just been decorated. The damage time is long, the harm is serious, is formaldehyde and so on gaseous pollutant most main characteristic.

Reason 2:2 hand Smoke

Secondhand smoke is the second biggest culprit in indoor pollution, and in the health report on smoking in China, China's 15-year-old smokers are close to 30%, adult males are more than 50% smokers, and our smokers reach 301 million. In secondhand smoke, there are more than 3000 kinds of contaminated chemicals, in addition to the commonly believed lung cancer, smoking can also cause many serious diseases, including oral cancer, laryngeal cancer, gastric cancer, liver cancer and other malignant tumors, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and other respiratory diseases, coronary heart disease, cerebral apoplexy, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; Reproductive problems such as reduced fertility in females. At the same time, secondhand smoke is more harmful to children's health.

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