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Why Use Air Purifier

- Dec 27, 2017 -

Why more and more users will choose air Purifier, the main source of pollution in the living environment

1. Harmful micro-particles (PM2.5) concentrations are too high: because of haze and other causes of indoor PM2.5 concentration is too high, long-term inhalation of health.

2. Harmful gas (TVOC) concentration is too high: TVOC including formaldehyde and other harmful gases, mainly from the decoration materials.

3. Oxygen content is too low: people inhale fresh air, exhaled carbon dioxide, a long time, the air of less oxygen, easily lead to dizziness stifleness and other consequences.

These, is to endanger indoor air health culprit, face them, people come up with many solutions, the most important is the air purifier.

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