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The use of air purifier method

- Dec 08, 2017 -

1, at home to often start the air purifier Clean air, and air conditioners combined use of the best results. Use a timer switch when leaving the room.

2, when the cleaning signal light when the dust is full, to clean the dust collector plate.

3, the purifier should be placed in the dry and ventilated place, 15 square meters of room, every day the power-on 2 hours can be.

4, the use of air purifier treatment of respiratory diseases, should be conducted under the guidance of doctors.

5, the air purifier should be used to avoid direct contact, because of its high voltage, in case of electric shock. As a cure for breathing, should be out of the tuyere more than 0.3 meters.

6, the purifier is not used, to unplug the power plug, do not boot, to prevent accidents.

At present, most of the indoor air purification products can only achieve indoor air circulation (can not import clean air, also can not discharge the dirty indoor air, only adsorption part odor, pollutant function), not really able to achieve indoor air dialysis, complete the introduction of clean air, the export of dirty air, A product or system that completely purifies indoor air. To solve the problem of indoor ventilation and air purification, fresh air system is a good choice.

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