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Which People Are Applicable To The Air Purifier

- Mar 20, 2018 -

First, the office staff

The office space is relatively closed, air circulation, dirty, low oxygen content, easily lead to reduced the work people body and brain capacity The new supersedes the old. in the long-term work, the air quality is not good environment, easily lead to dizziness, fatigue, mood swings and other symptoms, greatly affects the working efficiency, and induce a variety of diseases, severe cases can cause cancer.

Two. The group of pregnant women

Because of the fat of women, the benzene absorption in indoor air is easy to be stored in the fat, and benzene has a bad effect on the development of embryo and fetus. In addition, the formaldehyde in indoor air pollution can cause chronic respiratory diseases, female menstrual disorders, pregnancy syndrome, caused by reduced neonatal health; high concentrations of formaldehyde is harmful to the immune system, nervous system, but also can induce fetal malformation, infant leukemia.

Three. Children

The child's body is development, immune system is weak, lack of fresh air volume to carbon dioxide concentration is too high, it will seriously affect the children's intelligence development, air pollution also induced blood diseases, increase in the incidence of childhood asthma, affect the child's height growth.

Four. Newly decorated people

The decorative materials used in modern architecture contain volatile organic pollutants to varying degrees, and formaldehyde can cause mutations in nasopharyngeal carcinoma, colon cancer, brain tumor and nucleus. Benzene can cause bone marrow and genetic damage, and whole blood cells decrease. Ammonia can cause pulmonary edema or respiratory distress syndrome, which radon destroys the nervous system, the reproductive system, and the digestive system. These volatile organic pollutants can also easily lead to bronchitis, dermatitis, aplastic anemia, abnormal menstruation and other diseases.

Five. The old man

Old man, the body of the function is on the decline, especially from birth to now uninterrupted work of the lungs, then oxidized, is an important cause of respiratory tract diseases in elderly bronchitis, pharyngitis, pneumonia, also due to the lack of adequate supplementation of blood oxygen carrying capacity, but also can induce hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebral hemorrhage disease, the infirm may also be life threatening.


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