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What Kinds Of Electrostatic Indoor Air Purifier

- Dec 21, 2017 -

The air purifier According to the purification principle carries on the classification to have three kinds:

1, filter adsorption electrostatic air purifier: The use of porous filter materials, such as non-woven, filter paper, fiber, foam cotton, etc. (the current adsorption capacity of the most powerful when the number of HEPA high-density air filter), adsorption air suspended particles, harmful gases, thereby purifying the air.

2 Electrostatic dust-type electrostatic air purifier: through static electricity so that the air pollutants charged, and then use dust collection device to capture the adsorption of charged particles of air dust, to purify the air.

3, Compound type: At the same time using filtration and electrostatic dust removal method to purify the air.

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