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What Is The Working Principle Of The Fresh Air System?

- Dec 01, 2017 -

Today's Austrian new air system expert. Let's introduce the working principle of the fresh air system. Why use the fresh air system to purify the atmosphere? For family use, the so-called new air system basically refers to the use of "full heat exchanger" for the continuous ventilation of indoor air.

Three main types of fresh air system

1, unidirectional flow of fresh air system:

One-way flow fresh air system is "forced exhaust, natural into the wind" system, its working principle is to rely on the host work to generate suction, the formation of indoor negative pressure, the dirty air through the wind duct to the outside, in order to balance the negative pressure indoors, the room outside the relatively fresh air from the pre-installed intake into the room to achieve the purpose of ventilation. One-way flow of fresh air system is natural, the system installation pipeline is less, installation is simple, generally used for high-rise buildings and higher residential, apartment or office space.

2, the whole heat exchange fresh air system:

The whole heat exchange fresh air system is an upgrade of the bidirectional flow fresh air system, its host to add a full heat recovery system, in and out of the air has been placed in the host of the heat exchanger, preheating precooling Energy Exchange, can keep indoor air 70% energy, and air-conditioning with very energy-saving, even if the temperature difference will not affect the room temperature. Full-heat exchange of fresh air system for the area of 1000 square meters of apartments, villas and office space, fresh air quality, high efficiency and energy-saving, in the company's many villas customer Central fresh air system installation works, are used in the whole heat exchange Fresh Air System series.

3, bidirectional flow of fresh air system:

Two-way flow central fresh air system is a mandatory ventilation and forced air supply system, mainly by a set of forced air supply system and a set of mandatory ventilation system. The difference between the one-way flow is that the air supply is changed from natural wind to forced air supply, fresh air from the air supply system of the pipeline into the indoor, exhaust ventilation through the exhaust system piping to the outdoor, fresh air and exhaust flow direction, the central fresh air system and exhaust outlet layout, can be based on specific requirements of the actual layout. Two-way flow of fresh air system can be introduced into the fresh air filter, fresh air quality, more thorough ventilation effect, in the family and public places can be installed and used.

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