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What Is The Difference Between The Function Of Air Purifier

- Jan 29, 2018 -

According to different types, air purifier use, maintenance has a lot of professional requirements:

First, the air purifier inlet has the coarse effect filter NET or the collection dust net, must pay attention frequently to clean, washes after the natural drying, lest produces the discharge sound.

Second, the use of air purifiers to pay attention to the regular replacement of the filter cartridge, the time to replace the filter according to the actual use of the product time to determine.

Third, look at the product specification what to note. For example, the use of chlorine dioxide formaldehyde scavenger placed in the wardrobe to adsorb formaldehyde, it may produce oxidizing gas will make the clothes hanging in the wardrobe color fading.

Four, to see whether the need for business with the construction or use, such as some photocatalyst coating, it is necessary to use special equipment professionals can be sprayed using, otherwise it is not fully play its use effect.

Five, anion is the simulation of the nature of air ionization principle to make, it in the air life is very short, so the export should be as close as possible to people's breathing belt.

Six, in the process of negative ions, due to electrostatic effect, the surrounding environment easy to accumulate dust, should be wiped out in time.

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