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What Indoor Pollution Should Be Avoided When The Newly-married House Is Renovated?

- Feb 22, 2018 -

Chinese houses are so serious that most people expect to have a house of their own before marrying again. And how to decorate the bridal room? How to install in order to avoid the decoration pollution?

Expert advice:

1, decorate the wedding room when must have some reservations, not one-time all decorate good. Because the newlyweds have little experience in decoration, one in place in the decoration will not facilitate the modification of the reload. With the increase in age and life experience, people for the concept of decoration will be different, before the completion of the final decoration is not conducive to make changes and adjustments. In addition, the newly married couple's economic ability is not particularly strong, a new house decoration in place, will bear a lot of economic burden.

2, bridal room decoration style to simple mainly. Simple decoration, on the one hand can save money, and also can use less decoration materials, reduce the decoration process caused by a variety of pollution. The color selection in the room should not be too bright, because the content of benzene in coloured paint is much more than that of colorless. And the selection of wallpaper must be careful, it is best not to post wallpaper.

3, preset children's room. Most newlyweds have a two-person world when they get married, but they also have to take into account the future of their children. Reserve the children's room in advance. Children's Room furniture set one is to choose activities, can move away to adapt to the use of various changes. Room decoration style natural color for good, blue-green pink, in line with the children's love fantasy character. Children's room furniture should be used more modular furniture, one to adapt to the changing use.

4, the newly-married room must be in the decoration after the drying room. Newly-married room of new furniture, a variety of furniture pollution plus decoration pollution, many pollutants superimposed, indoor pollutant concentration is very high. If not timely ventilation or use of air purifier purification, not conducive to health.


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