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The New Air System Vs Purifier Contrast Truth

- May 24, 2017 -

There are a lot of people on the network to see a new air system and purifier compared to the CCTV report, the approximate content is to compare the fresh air system and the purifying capacity of the purifier, and compared the fresh air system and purifier to maintain the freshness of the interior is the effect of carbon dioxide processing. Conclusion the air purifier has more purifying ability than the fresh air system, but the air purifier does not have the ventilation ability of the fresh air system, and can not effectively control the concentration of the indoor oxygen dioxide.

I would like to say that the new air system itself is not because of the purification of air, the new air system itself is an important function of ventilation. And the above video comparison lacks a long-term effect contrast, the new air system best condition is 24 hours use, the long-lasting enhancement indoor air quality. If more rigorous, it takes a longer time to compare. and to compare more. Can reflect the advantages of the new air system.

First, we have two questions.

Shan whether the purchase of fresh air system or the purifier is to solve indoor air quality problems, this is the premise of discussion.

Shan at present stage, indoor air quality problem mainly involves the following aspects:

PM2.5 Formaldehyde VOC odor carbon dioxide temperature and humidity

Therefore, whether buy fresh air system or purifier is to solve the above 6 problems, rather than just solve PM2.5 and carbon dioxide problem. What is the effect of the air purifier on these 6 elements? Is it OK to open the window?

We can aim at these 6 elements, to open the window ventilation, fresh air system, the capacity of the purifier, respectively, each score is 5 points, the following table in spite of my personal judgment factor, but in general still reliable.

To sum up the table, it is:

Shan If you can open the window to breathe, then buy nothing unnecessary, however and eggs, and not, because the outdoor pollution is serious;

Shan fresh air system is not particularly strong college specialty, but there is no obvious bug, and each score is excellent, comprehensive ability is best;

Shan Air Purifier is the most effective in purifying PM2.5, and is easy to maintain indoor temperature and humidity, but the biggest problem is that there is no way to carbon dioxide.

Therefore, to buy fresh air system or a purifier, depends on what you need to solve.

Of course, under normal circumstances, the best solution is to open the window when the window, not open the window when the use of fresh air system, and then according to the actual situation to choose whether to add a special specialty of the air purifier.

The fresh air system is still a purifier, and is never a two-a problem. But the combination can create the best indoor air quality. Air Purifier = Best Partner

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