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The Misunderstanding Of Using Air Purifier

- Jan 24, 2018 -

One of the misconceptions: can be a good solution to air quality. This is wrong, can only solve the air quality of some indicators, can not solve the oxygen content in the air.

Misunderstanding of the second: the Air purifier, you can not be ventilated. So many problems caused by hypoxia are still unresolved. For example, when you sleep at home in the summer, you close the room, open air-conditioning and air purifier, indoor carbon dioxide will reach a very high level, still feel the air oppressed, even dizziness headache.

Misunderstanding of the third: Air purifier can be removed after the decoration of formaldehyde pollution. General air purifiers do not have the function of formaldehyde removal, because formaldehyde removal is the need for chemical methods, that is, the use of formaldehyde in the filter can be used, but also pay attention to the number and method of use, otherwise can not be enough to remove formaldehyde.

Misunderstanding of the four: outdoor air pollution ah, how can ventilation? In fact, unless you are a special location outside the house, such as chemical plants, general outdoor air than indoor air quality 15 times times cleaner.

Wind System PK Air Purifier: The authority of the actual inspection, the new air system in addition to formaldehyde faster than the Purifier 10 times times! Air purifier can only be used as auxiliary measure to control indoor air quality,

Thorough, long-term solution indoor air quality also need to rely on the fresh air system!


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