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The Mistake Of Avoiding The Air Purifier

- Apr 12, 2018 -

1. Performance pits. Emphasis is placed on removing PM2.5, but CADR value is high, but formaldehyde is not mentioned, resulting in super low CADR value of formaldehyde. It is completely incapable of polluting the common formaldehyde.

Two, energy efficiency pit. In some places, the air purifier is often opened by 24H, and a high energy purifier uses electricity for dozens of yuan. You are sure not to weigh it carefully. A low carbon, environmental protection, high energy efficiency, green energy purifier.

Three, filter pit. Once a month, a small change, a big change in March, invisible consumption can not eat, one year's net filter top air purifier, if there is no filter without consumables air purifier, that is really to save a lot of money.

Four, price pit. It is not expensive to be the best. Now, there are too many high prices and low energy products in the market. Please buy the five high and one low (high CADR, high CCM, high energy efficiency ratio, high performance price ratio, high color value, low noise).

Five, the endorsement pit. Unless it's a gratuitous endorsement, or like a foreign product, the spokesperson likes to use this product to promote the product, unlike some of the spokesmen we have never used to endorse. It also makes the price unattainable. Wool comes out on sheep. Excessive marketing leads to a disguised expense on products, resulting in an unequal value and price.

Six, technology pit. The concept of packaging cross, often have no name, or to see the world's authority or authoritative Association of the testing or consumer use of the report, there is a real parameter is the king.

Seven. The volume pit.

Household products should have the appearance of household products, big and ugly not only account for the large area of the home, but also affect the overall layout of the family, so the air purifier must be selected according to the size of the space.


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