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The Birth And Development Of Car Air Purifier

- Nov 15, 2017 -

The birth and development of car air purifier

Car air purifier is also called the car air purifier or air purifier, usually generated by high-pressure negative ion generator circuit, the fan and the air filter system. Its working principle is as follows: the fan inside the machine (also called fan) the air circulation inside the car, the air pollution by machine PM2.5 filter and activated carbon filter after filtration or adsorption of various pollutants, and then installed in the outlet of the negative ion generator (work pressure negative ion generator in the DC negative high voltage), air ionization continue to produce a large number of negative ions by the micro fan, forming negative ions flow to achieve clean air purification purposes.

After the industrial revolution, many regions of the world to develop heavy industry, causing air quality decline, causing a serious threat to human health, including the famous "Losangeles photochemical smog events". In order to improve the air quality, in addition to the introduction of long-term air management policy, many scientific research institutions also actively develop air purification technology, for the first time for consumers to bring healthy breathing experience. Of course, these technologies weren't used in cars at first. After a long time the concept of conversion, when people are aware of the air inside the car there are also serious pollution, specifically for the automotive vehicle air purification technology was gradually get attention.

Many countries have strict control over the air quality inside the vehicle. In this regard, in March 1, 2012, China also issued the "passenger car air quality assessment guidelines", the guideline for car air purifier products in the country's development has played a great role in promoting. Not only domestic brands, many well-known foreign brands have also landed in the Chinese market, since then only the car air purifier spread.

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