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Selection Index Of Household Air Purifier

- Nov 09, 2017 -

Selection index of home air purifier 

Home air purifier is mainly used to remove indoor air pollutants (generally including dust, pollen, odor)

Home air purifier for filter media

The filter material (currently recognized as the best HEPA high density filter) adsorption capacity more than 0.3 micron pollutants is higher than 99.9%; if the indoor soot pollution is heavy, the air purifier can choose the better effect of the dust.

Home air purifier on purification efficiency

Larger rooms, air purification units should be selected to purify large air; for example, 15 square meters of rooms should be selected unit purification air flow in 120 cubic meters / hour air purifier;

Service life of home air purifier

With the purification filter bile tends to saturation, the adsorption capacity of the purifier will decline, so consumers should choose the regeneration function of purification filter bile (including highly active catalytic carbon), in order to extend its life.

Room pattern affects purification effect

The air inlet and outlet of the air purifier has 360 degree ring design, and also has one-way air inlet and outlet. If the product is placed without the restriction of the room pattern, the product of the annular inlet and outlet design should be selected.

Demand for household air purifiers

The air purifier is selected according to the type of pollutant which needs to be purified. HEPA has strong purifying function to smoke dust, suspended particles, bacteria and virus, and the catalytic activated carbon has better purifying effect on odor and harmful gas.

After-sale service

After cleaning and filtering the gall bladder need to be replaced by the manufacturer, the consumers should choose the products which are made by the perfect manufacturers after the service.


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