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What's wrong with air purifier

- Jan 02, 2018 -

Air purifier, in this haze weather, can filter or kill air pollutants, effectively improve air quality, especially in the north of the canton City. In the use of air purifier, avoid the following misunderstandings, can let the air purifier play a greater role.

Myth 1: The larger the air purifier the better

In the choice of air purifier, some people think that the greater the purification effect is better, in fact, is not the case. We want to choose products that match the indoor area. Because small space to choose too large air purifier to occupy space, and secondly can not achieve the desired purification effect.

Myth 2: After use. Never cleaned the air purifier.

As with the regular maintenance of air-conditioning, air purifiers also need to do regular cleaning and maintenance. Air purifier for a long time to use, will absorb some of the dust in the air, such as the material, so in the inlet, fan and other places to be cleaned.

Myth 3: A filter cartridge took a long time

For some users, the purchase of a purifier may be once and for all, no longer pay attention to the operation of the air purifier, this approach is clearly wrong. Especially for the filter, to always pay attention to, or not only no effect, but also damage the purifier. Generally recommended that the user 6 months to replace the filter, especially when you feel the air purifier has a peculiar smell, it must be replaced immediately.

Myth 4: Regardless of the weather, always open the air purifier

In fact, this is also wrong. The air purifier should be used when the air pollution is serious or the indoor atmosphere is serious, which can guarantee the purifying effect; if the air is of good quality, it is not necessary to open the air purifier for a long time.

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