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Main Matters Of Air Purifier

- Dec 20, 2017 -

Rapid Purification: Air Purifier operation at the initial stage, it is recommended to run at least 30 minutes in the maximum wind volume, and then transferred to other stalls to achieve rapid purification of air effects.

Decontamination: The use of air purifier to remove outdoor atmospheric pollutants, it is recommended to keep the doors and windows in relatively sealed state, to avoid indoor and outdoor air a large number of interactive flow caused by the reduction of purification effect. Long time use, should pay attention to the stage ventilation.

Decoration Purification: If used for purifying the indoor air pollution (such as formaldehyde, stupid, toluene, etc.), it is recommended to use it effectively after ventilation.

Guaranteed effect: Regular replacement or cleaning of the filter, to ensure the purification effect of air purifier, while avoiding the failure of the filter adsorption two emissions of pollutants.

Long-term unused: long-term unused air purifier before starting again, should check the inner wall cleanliness and filter state, do the appropriate clean-up work, if necessary, replace the filter.

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