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Is It Necessary To Install Air Purifier For Baby Room?

- Nov 17, 2017 -

s it necessary to install air purifier for baby room?

In recent years, the haze problem has plagued us, has come to talk about "haze" discoloration of the situation. It is well known that PM2.5 is very harmful to the baby's respiratory system. Therefore, more and more mothers choose to buy an air purifier for baby room.

So, for the purchase of an  air purifier for baby room is really necessary?

According to the survey, indoor air pollution has a great harm to children. Indoor air pollution can cause fetal malformations, causing all kinds of blood diseases and respiratory diseases in infants and young children. Health authorities in Europe and the United States have pointed out that more than 1 million people die from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease every year due to indoor air pollution. According to the WHO (WHO) statistics, the annual number of deaths due to air pollution has reached 6 million 500 thousand people, indoor air pollution caused by the global life expectancy loss of 139 million years, outdoor air pollution caused by the global life loss of 83 million years.

In addition to PM2.5, formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases are another killer of indoor air pollution. When the air conditioner is opened, the doors and windows are closed, and there are a lot of harmful gases such as fluorine in the air, which pose a great threat to the health of children. Therefore, the purchase of an air purifier for baby room is still necessary, infants and children dedicated air purifiers are generally passive purification, the use of active purification method of air purifier is to continuously release negative ions in the air. Active air purifier purification purification effect of slow, and will produce ozone in the purification process, pose a threat to the health of children; while passive purifier is the use of filter structure, forcing the indoor air flow through the fan comes, let the air sequentially through layers of filter, remove pollutants in the air, this way clean fast, and will not produce ozone, the most suitable for the baby. A rigid indicator for measuring air purifiers is CADR (clean air output ratio). CADR is the ratio of clean air output from air purifiers tested by the AHAM. The higher the CADR value, the higher the purification efficiency of the purifier. AIR VALLEY baby square CADR value reached 280m PM2.5 fand /h, the efficiency of removing 22 minutes more than 90%, the efficiency of eliminating formaldehyde is 60 minutes more than 90%. In addition to the purification performance, the use of safety is also the mother have to consider the factors, the children's curiosity is very heavy, see everything want to touch, taste, ordinary things for them may have hidden great risk. The world alliance for child safety layer published the results of a survey, accidental injury is the main cause of death and disability in children, more than 2000 children died of non intentional or accidental injury every day, of which 44.5% of accidental injury of children from home, which, for household electrical appliances at greatest risk.

Therefore, it is necessary to buy a safe air purifier for baby room  and young children.

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