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How To Use An Air Purifier?

- Aug 17, 2017 -

How to use an air purifier?


According to a survey, most consumers don’t know how to use an air purifier properly. They make some mistakes on appliance installation, operation and maintenance. Here we list five errors.

Error 1: Running the air purifier with doors and windows not closed. In the process of using air purifiers, doors and windows need to be closed. Because the air is flowing, insufficient closure may lead to poor air purification effect.

Error 2: Only low-speed operation. In consideration for loading, energy saving or noise, many consumers operate the air purifier at low speed only. However, it should be noted that, in the case of indoor activities, low-speed small air volume can only maintain the current air quality, but cannot purify the air to the ideal level. The correct operation is to run the air purifier at high-speed air volume, and after purification (normally one or two hours), consumers are suggested to switch to the low-speed small air volume for maintenance.

Error 3: Leapfrog. Based on the size of the purification area, the demand for CADR for air cleaners is also different. Therefore, the air purifiers are classified into car use, home use and commercial use, which respectively correspond to the relatively small car space, normal home space and larger public space. So we should choose the right air purifier suitable for our purification area requirement.

Error 4: Wrong placement. The working principle of the air purifier is to inhale the original air, then filter, purify, and finally return with clean air. If the air purifier is placed in the wall position, or where there are other items to prevent the air inhalation and delivery, then the purification efficiency will certainly be discounted. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that there is no wall or other object that obstructs the flow of air within one meter of the air purifier.

Error 5: No timely replace the filters. Filter is the most central component in an air purifier. Its main role is to filtrate air pollutants through blocking, adsorption, etc. Any filter element has a saturated adsorption value, after reaching the saturated adsorption value, it can not adsorb new pollutants any more. At this circumstance, consumers are required to change the filter to make sure the air purifier work properly.

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