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How To Prevent Air Pollution In Cars

- Feb 03, 2018 -

How to prevent air pollution in cars

Now the air pollution in the car is more and more serious, the following to introduce some of the prevention of air pollution inside the vehicle method, together to see how to prevent air pollution inside the car how it is.

In the driving state, the pollutant in the vehicle mainly comes from the automobile exhaust on the road. Static state of the car pollution including respirable particulate matter, a variety of organic harmful gas reduction and prevention of vehicle air pollution should pay attention to the following aspects:

Note that the new car in the marketing and running-in period open window storage and use. At present, a lot of cars under the production line immediately to sell sales, new car owners should be as far as possible to open the window ventilation, as soon as possible to release the volatile gas inside the car, which is very beneficial to reduce air pollution in the car.

The first few months of driving a new car should pay attention to using as little air conditioning as possible.

Develop a good habit of riding. After entering the vehicle, should open the window or open air conditioning outside circulation ventilation facilities, when the traffic jam serious site or exhaust emissions may exceed the vehicle, the air-conditioning switch should be temporarily transferred to the car from the circulation mode.

The car is not suitable for smoking, and to regularly replace the air filter and clean the oil circuit, to avoid the leakage and evaporation and other problems.

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