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How To Correctly Select Indoor Air Purifier

- Jan 03, 2018 -

How to correctly select Indoor Air purifier? Understanding the principle of purifying air purifier the air purifier in the market is mainly by mechanical filtration and electrostatic adsorption to clean the indoor air. The most common mechanical filtration is the use of high-performance wind turbines to drive air through efficient particle filtration nets (HEPA) to remove contaminants in the air. It is characterized by the air can be passed, but the small particles are unable to pass, to achieve the HEPA standard filter can quickly and effectively remove 0.1 micron particles.

Electrostatic filtering is to attach the particulate contaminants to a positive or negative charge, and these particulate contaminants will then be adsorbed on a collection board carrying opposite charges. The advantage of electrostatic dedusting technology is that it can make the air purifier low noise and low energy consumption. However, the electrostatic absorption force for the capture of larger and heavier particles gradually decreased. Pure electrostatic adsorption technology air purifier usually releases ozone.

The American Lung Association has said: "Ozone is a powerful lung stimulant, and it is assessed that ozone is the trigger for worsening lung disease, and is extremely dangerous for patients with asthma and other chronic lung diseases, especially children and the elderly." "In addition, ozone in the atmosphere to achieve a certain concentration will cause environmental pollution."

The ideal air purifier should be combined with the advantages of ion generator and high efficiency particle filtration net to achieve better purifying effect. Unlike electrostatic dust removal technology, the voltage required by the ion generator is very small and therefore does not cause ozone risk, and its release of particles can make contact with the air charged, with the electrical particles will be more easily captured by high-performance particle filter nets, and ultimately effectively improve the efficiency of purification.


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