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How To Choose The Air Purifier Effectively

- Dec 28, 2017 -

How to choose the air purifier effectively

Air quality problems again become a problem for people, the air purifier market again hot, in the face of a wide range of products and businesses in the endless publicity, consumers how to choose a truly effective anti-haze "artifact"? You can focus on the following three aspects!

1. Authority Certification

A truly effective air purifier should have in addition to allergens + high CADR value + high purification energy efficiency, and so on, only one of the clearance is not strong, "1 against 2 High" is strong! It is understood that the ADA air purfier to high standards through all of the above certification! Its high standards experience in:

Can effectively remove small to 0.009 microns of air suspension particles and 97 kinds of air pollutants, the single filter rate of up to 99.99%;

Austria has an efficient clean air volume (CADR), which can output up to 425 cubic meters of clean air per hour;

The purification of a number of pollutants by the Tsinghua University building Environmental Testing Center performance testing to achieve the "Air purifier national standards" of the high efficiency level. Among them, the purification efficiency of solid pollutants is twice times higher than the standard of high efficiency level;

When operating at 1 speed, the sound is lowered to 23 db, and the whole year's electricity consumption is only 35 degrees.

2. See Purification Effect!

There are a lot of consumers said that some air purifiers in the open, such as the use of external testing equipment, it is difficult to accurately grasp the effect of purification. But in fact, as a conscience products, already have products began to use high-quality technology, research and development of intelligent display, the air quality, filter life and other indicators are more accurately displayed in the product, so that consumers can intuitively understand the purification effect of air purifiers and indoor air quality.

3, look at business, brand and product description!

As of 2017, China's air purifier industry brand has grown to about 400. The rise in the number of brands has also caused many adverse effects. The market on the counterfeit brand high price, small business OEM production, not only the quality, but also the process of rough, the concept of false data. There are some businesses playing "no supplies" under the guise of the use of security risks, with radiation and ozone hazards of electrostatic integration technology to make products. Therefore, consumers in the purchase before the need for businesses, brands and products for a detailed understanding of the choice of professional test of the air purifier brand.

The face of a mixed bag of empty net market, consumers need to understand the national standards in time, product details, business information, such as polishing their eyes, and according to their actual needs for product selection.

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