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​How Long Will The New House Be Renovated After The Air Purifier

- Nov 30, 2017 -

Get the key to the new house joy, can't wait to start decorating, from beginning to end tired and happy. However, think about the decoration pollution report, the new home decoration after the taste, so that many consumers are haunted, authoritative data for you to interpret how long after the renovation of the new house to stay.

Decoration pollution in order to formaldehyde most easily exceeded, according to the experts to study the release period can be up to 5-10 years, the following two investigations are around formaldehyde released concentration of investigation. The release period of more than 5-10 years should belong to individual cases.


Unit: Beijing Chaoyang District disease Prevention and Control Center Public Health Sanitation Laboratory

Methods: To monitor the formaldehyde concentration in the air of 54 residential buildings completed in Beijing April.

Results: The concentration of formaldehyde in indoor air was not significantly changed within 2 months after renovation, for 0.04 $literal. 3 months after the renovation, formaldehyde concentration began to rise sharply, and reached the peak of half a year, this peak platform (3, 4 months after the decoration of formaldehyde concentration of 0.13 and 0.15mg/m3) After 2 months, descend to the safety limit (0.10MG/M3) below. 6 months after the decoration, all the indoor air formaldehyde concentration can meet the national standard requirements of the level of qualified (0.10 $literal).

Generally formaldehyde in the third month after the renovation of the highest peak, six months after the basic can be reduced to national standards. Of course, from the two surveys can be seen, the new house formaldehyde concentration and indoor temperature and humidity, as well as furniture and other factors are related. Remember to stay at least 6 months after the new house is renovated.

So it's best to do the relevant air test before you check in. The use of air purifier to the indoor air to do the corresponding improvement, for their own, for the family to provide a healthy body protection!

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