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Does Household Air Purifier Have Any Effect

- Nov 22, 2017 -

Household air purifier has a role? This problem I think can be opened to see, the first thing to ask is that the air purifier useful? And then it's home, is it useful? In fact, the air purifier is certainly useful. So why would anyone ask if the household air purifier works? I think there is no understanding of the principle of air purifiers and use it, whether it is home air purifiers or what industrial air purifiers, their role is to purify the air, the difference is that the size of the air purification! It's the same as the central air conditioner and the ordinary air conditioner. What is the working principle of the air purifier? Air purifier, also called air freshener, can adsorb, decompose and transform air pollutants, such as PM2.5, dust pollution, formaldehyde pollution, odor in the air, bacteria, and so on. So why is he able to purify the air? He mainly uses the technology is adsorption technology, negative ion technology, HE[A filtering technology, electrostatic dust collection technology, etc.. This should be a living room to understand, anyway, is the use of various technologies, the dust in the air are absorbed in the purifier, spit out is fresh air! Household air purifier is the most necessary, especially in the poor air environment areas. Of course, I didn't say, whether it's household or commercial purifiers, the same principle, all can purify the air. What kind of person is suitable for use? Home has just been renovated, there are formaldehyde residues in place suitable for new cars used to eliminate taste, but also the need for air purifiers.

The air purifier on the market a lot, but the price of high and low, quality is uneven, when the purchase of air purifier must keep their eyes open, choose those products meet national requirements, do not buy. To sum up, household air purifiers are useful.

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