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Cleaning Demand Classification Of Indoor Air Purifier

- Oct 27, 2017 -

Indoor Air Purifiers.jpgCleaning demand classification of indoor air purifier

The purification requirements of indoor air purifier are mainly classified as follows

(1) clean indoor air purifier.

If the indoor humidity is relatively moderate, or the air quality requirements are not too high, then choose pure type air purifier to meet the needs of .

(2) humidifying and purifying indoor air purifier.

If it is located in the dry area, air conditioning air conditioning is often wet pumping caused by indoor air drying, or higher requirements on air quality, then choose a purification function with humidifying air purifier, is the most suitable choice.

(3) intelligent indoor air purifier.

If you like automatic operation, intelligent monitoring of air quality, or reflect noble taste, or to use gifts to be more decent, then choose an intelligent air purifier is the best choice.

(4) desktop indoor air purifier.

The air purifier which is placed on the tabletop, can purify the air around the table and protect the health of the people near the table. If you often sit in front of the computer, desk or desk, but the indoor area is not small, or public places, their own money to buy a large air purifier is not cost-effective, not fashion, is the air purifier desktop is a better choice.

(5) large and medium-sized indoor air purifier.

It is mainly suitable for large indoor occasions, such as domestic halls, senior bank offices, senior administrative offices, important lecture halls, conference halls, high-level hotels, hospitals, beauty salons, kindergartens and other occasions.

(6) central air conditioning system type.

It is mainly applicable to the installation of central air conditioning, or a single room with a ceiling, or a number of rooms with purification.

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