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Characteristics Of Air Purification Technology

- Oct 16, 2017 -

Characteristics of air purification technology

Air purification technology refers to the technology of indoor air pollution remediation. It can improve indoor air quality, improve living and office conditions, and improve physical and mental health. Product advantage with comprehensive function and fashionable appearance. Air purification technology refers to a series of technologies with this function.

There are two types of air flow in sterile rooms: one is laminar flow (that is, all suspended particles are kept in laminar flow); the other is non laminar flow (i. e., the flow of indoor air is turbulent). Clean room is equipped with a general air conditioning system, the indoor air flow is non laminar (Wen Liu), which can make the air entrainment of the suspended particles mixed quickly, also can make the particles indoor static re flying, air can also be stagnation.

The laminar flow clean room is different, it has the following characteristics:

Air purification

(1) the laminar air entering the room has been filtered by the HEPA filter to meet the requirement of asepsis;

(2) the air moves in laminar flow, so that all the suspended particles move in the laminar flow layer, which can prevent the suspension particles from forming into large particles;

(3) indoor new pollutants can be quickly removed by laminar air, and discharged outdoors;

(4) the air velocity is relatively high, so that particles float in the air, but not accumulate to settle down, while indoor air will not appear stagnation, so that cross contamination of drug powder can be avoided;

(5) clean air has no eddy current, dust or bacteria attached to the dust are not easy to spread to other places, but can only be removed locally. Laminar flow can reach 10 thousand or even 100.

Laminar flow clean room and laminar flow clean bench laminar air has two forms: horizontal and vertical laminar flow.

In order to reduce the pollution of clean room staff, the staff in the wash hands, face and wrist after wear sterile overalls, before entering the clean room first after air purification, clean air, filtered through nozzle with high speed airflow to the staff who are attached on clothing in the dust the personnel, air shower, before entering the clean room. The air shower is placed at the entrance of the clean room. The air shower is composed of high efficiency filter, sealed chamber, plenum chamber, fan unit, electric heater and nozzle.

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