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Anion Air Purifier Selection Strategy

- Jan 09, 2018 -

How to choose a suitable anion air purifier? China CDC environmental and related Products Research Institute has given the choice of anion air purifier key points:

Folding One: Focus on ion migration distance

Air ions vary in size, can be divided into: small ions (small particle size anion or light ions), medium ions, large ions. Medical research shows that the effect of health care for the human body is small particle size anion, and high activity, migration distance of small particle size anion purification range more comprehensive, better effect.

Many anion-producing manufacturers know that small particle size anion is good, so claims that their products generated is the nano-level anion and so on, is irresponsible, no basis, small particle size is based on the migration distance to define, small size anion not only its particle size is small, its characteristics are high activity, migration distance. As the current anion particle size is not measured, so many manufacturers falsely publicize themselves is fraction a few nanometers is irresponsible. [7] The consumer to choose enough anion air purifier can require sales staff in the distance of 3-4 meters from the product test anion concentration, to determine the product generated anion is not small particle size.

Folding Two: Concern about the harmful derivatives

There are some well-known manufacturers of anion products are out of the ozone exceeded, so in the choice of anion air purifier must be seen in the formation of negative ions when there is no harmful derivative production, the formation is not a pure ionic bath environment.

Folding three: Focus on anion generation technology

To buy anion air purifier The most important point is to look at the product adopted anion generation technology. Only the use of cutting-edge technology products to meet the above two points, can be no derivative in the case of the release of high-purity, highly reactive small-diameter anion. For the moment, eco-anion generation chip technology, anion converter patented technology and Nazifuller-anion release of the patented technology is the world's leading anion generation patented technology, the use of the above technology sen peptide can create a pure anion bath environment, the realization of indoor air purification, but also in the interior to create a " Nursing Home "effect.


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