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​Air Purifier For Small Room

- Oct 10, 2017 -

Small room; indoor environment; pollution source

The main symptoms of indoor environmental pollution are as follows:

1, every morning get up, feel dejected, nausea, and even dizzy;

2, the family is often susceptible to colds;

3, although not smoking, but also rarely contact the smoking environment, but often feel uncomfortable throat, foreign body feeling, poor breathing;

4, the family children often cough, sneeze, immunity decline, the new decoration of the house, the children do not want to go home;

5, the family often have skin allergies and other problems, but also mass;

6, the family has a disease, and left the environment after the symptoms have obvious changes and improve;

7, newlyweds are not pregnant for a long time, can not find the reason;

8, pregnant women found abnormal fetal abnormalities in normal pregnancy;

9, indoor plants are not easy to survive, the leaves easily yellow and withered, especially some of the most vigorous plants are difficult to grow normally;

10, domestic pet cats, dogs and even tropical fish inexplicably die;

11, sleep throat pain, respiratory tract dry, long time dizziness, fatigue easily;

Air Purifier for Small Room variety of environmental problems to provide indoor disinfection, dust haze removal, eliminate the harmful residues and decoration smell the overall solution, improve life, working conditions, improve physical and mental health. Indoor environmental pollution and pollution sources mainly include radioactive gases, mold, particles, renovation residues, second-hand smoke and so on.

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