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ADA768 Car Air Purifier

- Dec 12, 2017 -

ADA768 is a vehicle air purification product developed by the European Space Agency (ESA) "capsule" intelligent control system. The intelligent control system is equipped with aviation-grade high-performance battery, the use of advanced space Cabin Intelligent Pollution sensing technology, aviation intelligent Vibration induction technology, energy intelligent management technology and combined with large-screen LCD display, intuitive reflection of the car air condition and machine automatic working conditions, automatic induction, automatic control, all-weather intelligent purification of the air inside the car.

Pioneered industry highest CADR value

After testing Ada car Air purifier Cadr value of the leading industry, of which mini-c25 car air purifier Cadr value up to 25m?/h, the industry first!

Anion Ionhepa Technology

ADA proprietary IONHEPA technology can continue to proactively kill bacteria and viruses, more successful than ordinary product filter nets, to avoid the filter network as a hotbed of bacteria and viruses, effectively eliminate two of pollution.

Super-strong purifying effect

The real purification effect, who strong who weak, by contrast at a glance, the following data for the car product testing organization, the comparison of products from the current market ranked in front of the brand, Lightair really achieved the vehicle inside the pollution.

car air purfier.jpg

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