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Where is the source of air pollution in the car

- Feb 28, 2018 -

The smell in the car is the most obvious in spring and summer. Summer smells are more diverse than spring. Including the rain after the air-conditioning system damp, but also including inadvertently scattered in the car in the corner position of the spoiled food residue, and even car perfume, will be under the influence of hot weather, produce all kinds of peculiar smell. So what is the reason?

SOURCE One: Car accessories and car itself

Now the car under the production line directly into the market, a variety of accessories and materials harmful gas has not been released period, will directly cause air pollution inside the car. At the same time, car decoration materials will also bring air pollution. Most consumers buy cars after the car decoration, and the ground gum, seat cover, adhesives, etc. will release containing formaldehyde, benzene, tvoc and other harmful gases, the car must cause air pollution.

SOURCE two: Air conditioner damp

The summer rain always comes urgent and intense, after a heavy rain, the car will always be filled with an unpleasant smell. This is because the condensation of water and the dust in the air together with the evaporator surface, air-conditioning system in the damp and dark corners, become a breeding ground for a large number of molds. A long time, as long as the air conditioning, there is a steady stream of musty taste. For those who usually do not pay attention to cleaning air-conditioning system owners, usually the vehicle used 1-2 years, in the summer into the car, open air-conditioning, there will be an unpleasant smell of sour. Therefore, in order to avoid air-conditioning odor, it is necessary to prevent the air-conditioning system damp mildew start. In addition, under the conditions permitted, often the car window ventilation, or in the environmental air than a good route to use the external circulation, but also to keep the air fresh in the car effective way.

SOURCE three: Dead End rot

In summer, some acidic foods have a very short deterioration time, therefore, in addition to the air conditioner itself out of the musty taste, accidentally dropped in the car corner of the water peel, dessert perishable mildew, spilled drink or leakage of rain and wet seat, carpet, etc. also easy to let mold breeding; and Neju shoes, The clothes that you forget to wash after use, and so on, will emit an unpleasant smell. When the air conditioner is turned on, the odor will circulate and spread in the compartment with airflow, looking for new places to grow mold.

SOURCE Four: Perfume

Many car owners like to put perfume in their cars, high-quality car perfume long-lasting fragrance, and can kill bacteria. But if covet cheap, chooses the price inferior product, in the summer high temperature car, after the direct sunlight, very easily metamorphism produces the peculiar smell, to the vehicle rides the personnel health disadvantage. The smell of perfume in the car, if too strong, will be mixed with mildew to produce a more unpleasant taste. Lemon-flavored perfume, especially not suitable for use in the summer, this kind of perfume is mostly acidic, distributed out after the air conditioning evaporator, easy to moldy metamorphic, very easy to produce peculiar smell.

Therefore, the car needs to install a reliable car air purifier, so as to ensure the health and safety of the air inside the car.

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