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What types of car purifier are there

- Nov 28, 2017 -

Filter type vehicle mounted purifier

The filter type air purifier, can effectively purify the dust, formaldehyde, benzene, car bacteria and other harmful substances, but the filter type air purifier for passive inhalation of air purification, and car air purifier due to power constraints, generally do not have enough wind power, not the car air inhalation therefore, purification, purification ability of the filter type air purifier is also limited, effective purification effect.

Electrostatic dust collector

The electrostatic dust collecting vehicle air purifier is needed to cooperate with other equipments to achieve the high efficiency purification effect, because the electrostatic dust collecting vehicle air purifier can not completely absorb and eliminate the peculiar smell, and also can't completely decompose the toxic chemical gas. At the same time, its purification efficiency and purification efficiency will decrease with the accumulation of suspended particles. It is necessary to clean the dust collecting boards regularly to restore the effect and efficiency, so the maintenance cost is high.

Ozonate vehicle purifier

Ozone on-board air purifier is the principle of producing ozone to purify the air in the car in order to improve the air quality in the car. Although ozone has a certain effect on bacteria, especially for amines, nicotine, bacteria and so on. But when using this type of vehicle air purifier, we should pay attention to the concentration of ozone in the car, because if ozone is too high, it will cause two pollution, and it will do harm to human health.

Net ion group vehicle purifier

The net ion group vehicle air purifier is the product of the patented technology vehicle air purifier. Use the Plasmacluster generator spray a unique, efficient and safe Plasmacluster, removal of formaldehyde, benzene, bacteria, odor and allergens; special skills, using the Coanda effect, make the Plasmacluster reach every corner of the compartment, through the purification corner; about 60000 hours before the need to change the ion generator.

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