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what is the purpose of effective ventilation system per fda

- Sep 26, 2017 -

what is the purpose of effective ventilation system per fda

Ventilation system is a kind of building environment control technology which can control the spread and harm of air pollutants by means of ventilation dilution or ventilation elimination, and realize the indoor and outdoor air environment quality guarantee. It is the complete set of ventilation, air outlet, air supply duct, fan, filter, control system and other accessory equipment. According to the principle of operation, they can be divided into three categories: self balancing, wet control and two-way flow heat recovery.

Self balancing type: refers to the fan in each end of each room, free wind inlet and a wind outlet air can automatically adjust the outlet section size under different pressure, so that the air flow is maintained at the design flow rate.

Wet control type: refers to the fan at the end of the air outlet equipped with humidity detector, can be induced to indoor humidity, so as to control the size of tuyere section, to achieve the purpose of regulating the air flow.

Two way flow heat recovery type: means that the ventilator has a blower and exhaust fan at the same time, but also has a heat recovery device. We usually call it a heat exchanger. It can balance the energy of the room with the energy outside

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