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What is the purifying principle of air purifier?

- Jan 10, 2018 -

The international air purification principle has five kinds, physical type, electrostatic type, chemical type, anion type and compound type. In general, the use of a variety of purification methods of the air purifier, its purification effect will be better.

In our daily life, the negative ions are gradually disappearing due to air pollution, which produces too much positive ions. In the ions too much air life, will make people have headaches, insomnia, neurasthenia, burnout, allergic diseases, respiratory diseases and so on.

Car Air purifier Industry itself is also very disorderly, all kinds of pits Ah, there are wood! However, there are some reliable, such as 3M, Philips, Asia, Reixin, etc. are still more reliable, these 3 have five heavy purification function, there are negative ion generator, breeze fan, air filter system composition. Its working principle is as follows: The Machine Breeze fan (also called ventilator) causes the indoor air circulation flow, the polluted air passes through the machine the air filter (the photocatalyst molecule can the activated carbon three times filter) after the various pollutant removal or the adsorption, Then installed in the outlet anion generator (negative ion generator in the work of high pressure produced DC negative high pressure), the air will continue to be ionized, produce a large number of negative ions, by the breeze fan sent out, the formation of anion airflow (can quickly decompose the harmful gas in the air), to clean and purify the air.


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