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What is the most effective way to use the air purifier

- May 15, 2018 -

From the strange to the familiar, the air purifier has already come into our life with the increasingly serious air pollution, but how to move the household appliances that value thousands of dollars home, how can the purifying function of the air purifier be of the best effect, and the following points for attention in the daily use are summed up for everyone to do. Reference resources。

What are the indicators of the product before you buy it

As mentioned above, the air purifier gradually came into view from the fog and haze before. Therefore, many people before buying air purifiers, most of them are on the spot price, they may not care much about the performance indicators. So if you want the air purifier that you have purchased at home has the best effect, it's better to look at the data above.

In fact, the most important data for air purifiers is the CADR value, which refers to the amount of clean air output per hour. You may have mentioned this value with you before buying, but it didn't care. In fact, you might as well take a closer look at the CADR value of your air purifier, which is a key indicator of the performance of the air purifier. In addition, you can use this CADR value to calculate the use area of air purifier as a reference.

ADA air purifier multifunctional negative air purifier, clean air volume (CADR) can output up to about 355 cubic meters per hour. The most high-grade processing energy consumption of the whole machine is only 50 watts, and the energy efficiency ratio is 7 (equivalent to the first level energy consumption). It is the most energy-efficient air purifier in the world.

The position of the air purifier is very important

Since it has been decided to use in a large area of the room, where does it affect the purification effect? We suggest that the effect of the air purifier in the middle of the room is the best without affecting the beauty of the home. We should try not to rely on the wall or furniture, or to leave the distance of more than 1 meters in the use of the wall.

In addition, do not put it too close to the human body, especially those on the market that adopt electrostatic adsorption methods. We must strictly avoid children's direct contact.

The purifier is as effective as possible as long as possible

Now most consumers will be in accordance with the use of ordinary household appliances, and feel that the air is very bad before opening the air purifier.  Obviously, such temporary cramming is not advisable.

In fact, the purification function of the air purifier takes a certain amount of time to improve the indoor air, so the air purifier can always be opened for 24 hours when the condition is allowed. And now part of the purifier also has a timed function, we can also effectively control the use time of the purifier using this function. According to the different use area of the family, the air can be purified effectively in about 3-4 hours.

The air pollution is seriously closed to the window

The main principle of the air purifier is to use air blower to suck the air in the room, purify it through filters and other devices, and finally send out fresh air.  Then we suggest that in the case of serious air pollution, shutting down doors and windows makes it a closed environment, so that the use of air purifier can guarantee better purification effect.

However, the use of air purifier in closed space for a long time may cause two pollution, so when the air quality is better, it is not necessary to open the air purifier for a long time, and natural ventilation should be the best choice.

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