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What is the characteristic of car air purifier?

- Jan 16, 2018 -

Efficient purification

To get rid of the desktop Air Purifier Filter-passive purification method, the active purification method of ion technology shows its efficient purification effect. Combined with multiple filters, firmly adsorption dust this traditional passive purification method, and can not purify every corner of the car, but the ion technology can solve this problem, an endless stream of spraying from the car air purifier ions, will reach every corner of the compartment, to a thorough purification effect.

High strength bacteria removal force

High-quality ion technology is required to achieve high strength in the removal of bacteria. The general car air purifier will use silver ion purification technology, low-temperature plasma technology, advanced some will adopt anion technology and photocatalyst technology, and then advanced will adopt the net Ion group technology.

Appearance Fashion, gift gifts

Nowadays, the small household electrical appliances, the popular is no longer the elegant European and American style, but the Japanese style of simple fashion, and car air purifier is the same, pure hue, fashionable appearance is more popular. and focus on the practicality of modern people, in the selection of gifts more and more attention to car air purifier. Whether it is a new home gift, wedding gift or business gift, car air purifier has become the first choice.

Authoritative certification, sales guarantee, perfect after-sale

A car air purifier can obtain a number of international authoritative certification, professional experimental verification, is the professional department of its safety and purification capacity of the recognition, and sales are the customer base of their trust to ensure that, plus the perfect after-sale, generally can reach the national UNPROFOR, door-to-door warranty level is called the perfect car air purifier.


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