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What is an electrostatic air purifier?

- Oct 30, 2017 -

What is an electrostatic air purifier?

The electrostatic air purifier was first designed by Dr. penny of University of California in 1935. By using the principle of anode corona discharge, the dust in the air is positively charged, and then the charged particles are captured on the dust collecting device by means of Coulomb force to achieve the purpose of dust removal and air purification.

Introduction of electrostatic air purifier products

Its characteristics are high dust collection efficiency, the efficiency of dust collection of some purifiers is more than 80%, in addition, it can capture tiny particles (0.01 ~ m ~ 0.10 m), and the pressure loss of dust collecting device is less. It consists of ionization device, dust collector, blower and power supply. This purifier is actually a small electrostatic air filter, good purification effect on the particle size of larger particles of pollutants, but not at the same time, the purification of gaseous pollutants, ozone and other pollutants will produce two times.

At present, the electrostatic air purifier in the market are more complex purification, in the capture of small particles in the air while absorbing the release of ozone. The addition of ozone absorption makes the electrostatic air cleaner not only not increase the ozone concentration in the air, but also reduce the ozone concentration in the air flowing through the empty net.

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